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This should always be carried out as early as possible in the planning process & certainly prior to the submission for planning approval when it becomes essential to ensure that the design for the proposed building can be accommodated within the site boundaries.

As well as identifying site features & levels the survey will show the plan location & height of adjacent buildings & their overlooking windows. The provision of comprehensive information ensures the architect's design conforms to planning regulations whilst still achieving economic densities & ensuring a sympathetic impact on the surrounding environment.

To ensure highway approval for proposed vehicle access points the survey will identify the position & level of all relevant features that fall within the required visibility splays area along the adjacent roads.

The survey also provides the location & level of adjacent properties often portrayed as a street scene.

Where the ground has significant slope contour lines are shown enabling the designer to identify & make best use of the ground shape.

In areas where flooding may be a significant factor all surveys are related to an Ordnance Survey level datum. This information is necessary on any submission for approval to the Environment Agency in order that the flood risk can be accessed & minimum slab heights can be specified for each new property.

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