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ImageDisposal of excavated spoil is an expensive business.

The generation of material created by site strip, foundation dig & alteration to the existing ground levels in order to achieve the desired landscape features can mean that vast quantities of spoil have to be relocated on site or taken off site for disposal.

The cost of disposal can be minimised by the use of excavated material within the development design.

The ground levels identified by the survey can be used to create a three dimensional model of the ground. Similarly proposed design levels can be used to create a second model. Subtracting the shape of the design from the original identifies the volume of earth between. This is the quantity that needs to be accounted for.

Knowing the volume of spoil means that costs can be identified at the estimating stage & upon commencement of works ensures that the contractor is paid for the correct quantity either for on site relocation or “cart away”.

Landfill Design

If you have an area of land which is required to be filled with non-hazardous spoil please ring to discuss a design which will result in a ground shape complimentary to the surrounding landscape yet maximising cubic capacity.


Subsidence - Level Monitoring